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Restore Life's Beauty With Cataract Surgery

Why Is My Vision Blurry?

It's normal for our eye vision to decrease as we age; however, some severe conditions impact our eyesight and shouldn't be ignored. A prime example of one of these conditions is cataracts, which are hazy tissues that develop on the clear lens in our eyes that allows light to pass through. The presence of cataracts often results in gradual vision loss.

Have you been experiencing this blurry or opaque vision as described above? Fret not; cataract surgery is an effective operation that restores your vision so you can see the world through a whole new lens!

Benefits of Cataract Surgery

Not only are there endless benefits to cataract replacements, but this surgery is one of the most frequently performed optic procedures in America. In fact, by the age of 80, more than half of Americans have or will undergo cataract surgery.

Additionally, your cataract procedure will improve your vision while simultaneously boosting your quality of life. Rather than struggling with the simplest of tasks due to blurry vision, you will be able to engage in the activities you once enjoyed, such as reading, driving, knitting, and watching movies!

If you meet with our ophthalmologist and decide that cataract surgery is the correct choice for you, prepare to regain your vision and return to the life you once loved while increasing your independence and self-assurance.

What to Expect: Before Surgery

Our team will measure your eye to prepare for your life-changing procedure to determine the right amount of focusing power for your new intraocular lens implant. As a result, your vision will be restored to the level it was before cataracts developed.

After setting a plan for your lens replacement, our optic team will discuss any medications you are currently taking and advise which should be avoided in the days leading up to your procedure. Our ophthalmologist will prescribe you eye drops to prevent infection and swelling before, during, and after surgery and advise you not to eat any solid foods for at least six hours before the procedure.

Lastly, we may ask you to plan for a caregiver, such as a spouse, child, or sibling, to accompany you to your outpatient surgery. This will ensure that you have adequate transportation and care after completing your cataract replacement.

What to Expect: The Day of Surgery

To help relax your muscles before your cataract surgery, you will be given eye drops or an injection around the eye. Our team will enter the impacted eye(s) through small incisions near the cornea. Utilizing small instruments, our optic surgeon will break up the lens and insert your intraocular lens implant.

After the surgery is complete, a shield will be placed over your eye to protect you from infection during the healing process.

What to Expect: After Surgery

After healing, your vision will return to normal within a few days! Until then, we may suggest the following post-op tips to ensure proper recovery:

  • Prepare for your eye to be a bit red and sensitive to light
  • Use the eye drops prescribed by our team
  • Take extra care to avoid contact with hands, soap, etc.
  • Wear protective eyeglasses, an eye shield, or a patch to protect your eye (especially while sleeping)
  • Follow specific instructions from our team that describe safely returning to your routine activities

Creating Vision, Changing Lives at Advanced Eye Care Center

At Advanced Eye Care Center, we have been providing quality eye care for over thirty years. We use the latest technology and specialized care to give each patient their best vision and eye health.

Look no further if you are seeking to restore life's beauty with cataract surgery in the DFW area. We perform a minimally-invasive, small incision, no stitch cataract procedure. You will have the option to choose from various lens implants to give you the focus you need when you need it most.

To get started on your path to a new vision, schedule a consultation by calling (940) 240-8711 or filling out our online form. We look forward to treating you!